Friday, December 11, 2009

I Prefer Honeycrisps

OK, you're probably wondering what the title means. Honeycrisps are my new favorite apple. They are crisp, with just the right balance of sweet and tart. I figure since I'm starting my teaching career soon, some might want to know what kind of apple I like.

Yes, I'm starting my teaching career soon. In January I will begin teaching a graduate level social work class at the University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work. The class title is Direct Practice in Aging, kind of a specialty of mine.

I was pretty pleased to even learn such a class was being offered--I have long been frustrated that most schools of social work have dragged their feet on offering coursework on aging issues. I was even more pleased to be approached about teaching this course.

You can imagine that my Christmas vacation will now be spent reading the textbook and preparing lectures. My mind is already swirling with all the things I want to talk about; I just now need to start getting it all on PowerPoint!

This is a great opportunity to help teach others about the joy of working with older adults, and with luck some of these students will go on to provide services to older adults in our community. I will be pleased to see that happen.

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